The oil

Ten hectares of olive trees give life to our Extra-Virgin Olive Oil from destoned fruits.

There are just two, yet fundamental steps: the harvesting time and the immediate pressing of olives, at the root of the sensor quality and health properties of our oils.

We wait until the olives are ripe to obtain fruity extra-virgin oil, characterised by extremely low acidity.

It is harvested in the morning and the early afternoon, and immediately carried to our Olive Oil Mill, where the continuous production system works in absence of oxygen and at a low temperature to preserve all of its sensor qualities.

The oil is already inside the olive; the secret is extracting it gently, to obtain a low quantity of extremely high quality.

The absence of the stone ensures the long-lasting preservation of its natural organoleptic properties. For this reason, it is high-quality oil featuring a subtle taste, rich in polyphenols with a higher resistance to oxidation and longer-lasting preservation.

We have a large variety of olive trees, because biodiversity is the unique richness of the Mediterranean people: Piantone di Mogliano, Piantone di Falerone, Lea, Mignola, Ascolana, Leccino, Maurino, Cornetta and Coroncina for a total of 2,500 trees.