The Terroir
The Wine Cellar and the Olive Oil Mill — the dwellings of grapes and olives — stand on our hill imbued with incredible colours that change season after season.
Vines, olive and fruit trees flourish in the magical silence of these hills. The soil is rich in clay and the climate is ideal: the breeze from the nearby sea caresses the plants and keeps the air fresh and dry, and the wind from the not so distant mountains alleviates the sultry summer air.
As a result, there is a significant difference between day and night temperatures in a hilly area that is completely exposed and is therefore very breezy. All of this is complemented by a thousand-year-old tradition in the cultivation of vines, olive and fruit trees.
The crops have been displaced and arranged according to sun exposure, climate and soil in order to enhance their quality and, at the same time, preserve their integrity. Nothing is left to chance, just like the work of man, in complete harmony with the environment and nature’s needs.
Fragrances and tastes permeate the senses generating pleasurable emotions, and this is how the most ordinary actions turn into Kairos, from Greek καιρός “the right moment”.

Drinking becomes a magnificent experience and dedication, love and savoir faire are the fundamental principles to guarantee environmental sustainability and healthy, ethical products.