Our History
There is a story from the distant past...
Officina del Sole stands on a hill located in Montegiorgio, an area known as Mount Milone.
It is said that it owes its name to its first owner, centurion Milone, a war veteran in the legendary Battle of Actium in 31 BC.
In those days, Emperor Augustus Caesar donated a piece of land to each war veteran, whereas he awarded an entire hill to Milone, in return for the valour he displayed on the battlefield.
This choice was no mere coincidence. He gave him that particular hill not only for its strategic location, but above all for its plentiful lands characterised by a marked difference between day and night temperature and soils abundant in clay and water. This favoured the plantation of the first rows of vines, olive and fruit trees.
Lands rich in history, witnessing a fascinating thousand-year-old tradition of cultivation.

...and there is a recent story, dating back to only a few years ago.

“It all happened one evening while we were visiting our friends on their farm. With us was also my youngest son, who at that time was 14.
I still remember the look on his face when he saw the courtyard animals for the first time, especially the young calves. My son couldn’t believe his eyes.
In that moment, I realised that the new generation has full access to all information tools, but few have the chance to experience first-hand what nature offers on a daily basis.
I understood that it wasn’t because kids were lacking in curiosity, but rather opportunities to get in touch with nature, its multifaceted beauty, the animals and plants living and growing there, which are so essential for human survival.
All this brought forth an idea that has become a project of pure passion in just a few years.
I picked this hill for the unique peculiarities originating from its terrain, exposure and location, but what struck me the most, right from the start, was the 360° view you can enjoy from its highest point over the surrounding area, the villages nearby, the hills, the sea and the mountains in the distance. I suddenly wondered how such a beautiful place could have been forgotten for over twenty years.
And today, I still go there when I feel the need,
and whether it’s a lovely day or not,
the fabulous view is a real treat both for the eye and the heart.”

Lanfranco Beleggia

Officina del Sole, where the sun gives life and life takes shape.