The Mediterranean Diet
Nature is simplicity. Simplicity is authenticity. Authenticity is contemporary luxury for life.
This is the distinctive feature of Montegiorgio, the village hosting Officina del Sole, which has been considered to be one the best examples of Mediterranean Diet, both in terms of eating habits and lifestyle, for more than fifty years.

“The Mediterranean Diet has been inscribed on UNESCO’s list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”, defined by the United States Senate as “the best way of eating” and adopted by the scientific world as a benchmark of balanced, sustainable and recommended diet.”*
*Mediterranean Diet, The Temple of the Sibyl. Lando Siliquini

The study initialised by the Seven Countries Study was conducted on the population of Montegiorgio as regards food, lifestyle, agricultural production and conviviality, establishing its scientific legitimacy and certifying its superiority in terms of eating patterns and lifestyle.
The uniqueness of this place lies in its geographical location, healthy environment and climate, conviviality, delicious food and behavioural values such as tradition, culture and pleasure.
Officina del Sole uses healthy, genuine and simple products providing a true, authentic taste. We draw from recipes handed down from one generation to another, originating from the simple ingredients of our land, skilfully cultivated day after day in the respect of the environment and health in what is the cradle of the Mediterranean Diet.