Privacy Policy

The aim of the Legal Texts and the Privacy Policy is that of guaranteeing to the User the possibility of checking in full transparency the activities of the processing of his/her data in the web close to the importance of having addressed to a reality that is careful to the safeguard of the Users’ rights, accustomed to the discipline of the right compliance of the provisions foreseen by the law. We would like to state that the text written hereinafter complies with the recent regulations stated by the GDPR 2016/679, as well as the rules about the privacy enforced in the Countries where Società Agricola Officina del Sole S.r.l. (hereinafter called “Officina del Sole”) offer the services of their web sites. Società Agricola Officina del Sole S.r.l by means of this Policy declares that the business data controller and owner of the web sites is Società Agricola Officina del Sole S.r.l..

The company Società Agricola Officina del Sole S.r.l. therefore supplies the users who connect to the web site www.officinadelsole.it and to the company pages present in the social networks, the rules for a correct and authorised use of the pictures, of the images, of the text and of any other document published here.

In addition, by the term Business data in this context we refer to:
- Any type of information which is processed, obtained, known, noticed and extracted in the pages of the above-mentioned web-sites.
- The information coming from links of other web sites are not included

Officina del Sole acknowledges the importance of protecting its customers’ personal data (for example the personal identifiable information and the financial statements among which the credit card numbers) and the data of the users of its web sites. For this reason, Officina del Sole uses policies and specific safety measures to comply with the enforced regulations concerning the personal data protection to protect its personal data. It is important to highlight that what follows here can be revised and integrated by the company itself any time there are any requirements; for this reason, in order to be transparent towards the user, in the initial cover we state the number corresponding to the enforced version (currently corresponding to vers. 4/2018- extract).


The statement is supplied only for officinadelsole.it and for the company pages present in the social networks and also for other web sites possibly surfed by the user through link. The statement is also inspired to what is stated by the Recommendation n. 2/2001 that the European Authorities have used for the personal data protection, joined in the European Group Data Protection Supervisors ex clause 29 in order to single out some minimum requirements for the on-line personal data collection, and in particular, the ways and the timing and the nature of the information that the controllers have to supply to the users when these latter connect to the web pages regardless of the goals of the connection together with what is set forth by European Directives and by the rules of Italian legislation about the safety of data. In addition, the information present in the site observes also the compliance stated by other provisions and have been updated according to the Law 7th July 2009 nr. 88 as regulation for the fulfilment of the EU law 2008 in the fiscal field.

DATA CONTROLLER For the principles of transparency and correctness stated by the Privacy Code it appears to be a legal ownership directly to Società Agricola Officina del Sole S.r.l whose complete data are reported in the home page. The domain is retained by the same owner that is the lawful holder.

Società Agricola Officina del Sole S.r.l.
Via Sicilia, 1
63039 San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)


Pursuant to what is foreseen by clause 28 del GDPR 2016/679 we state the reference for possible information and requests to be sent to the data supervisor: resp.trattamento@officinadelsole.it
In addition, the complete and updated list of the people who are in charge of the processing can be requested by writing to the address in this web site.


If the client has chosen to record his/her data in the Società Agricola Officina del Sole S.r.l customers’ database, the Società Agricola Officina del Sole S.r.l collects his/her personal data concerning the visits at our shops in order to transfer and store them, pursuant to the enforced regulation, in another country where the server of the companies of our group are. The data will be transferred for the aims described in this Policy (for example to supply the services requested or ton offer customised services in all the shops we have in the world). The enforced regulation about the privacy and personal data protection in those countries could not be the same as the one enforced in the country where the customer lives. The Società Agricola Officina del Sole S.r.l will adopt all the measures to guarantee that the customer’s data will be processed in a safe way, complying with the principles of correctness, need and proportionality and complying with this policy, regardless the country where the data can be transferred. Where possible in the customer’s country, either using the web sites mentioned above or supplying the data for the goals stated in this policy, the customer fully understands and agrees on the transfer of his/her personal data abroad within the normal trade operativity of the companies belonging to the Group, included the collection, the storage and the processing of the data in the USA and in Asia. Those policies represent the regulations for the behaviour concerning the processing of personal data for all the companies of the Società Agricola Officina del Sole S.r.l and therefore they rule and enable the transfer of the data among the same companies located in different geographic areas complying with the guarantees stated by the privacy regulation (Binding Corporate Rules principle).


The processing linked to the web services of the site officinadelsole.it take place at the headquarters located in Via Sicilia n. 1 – 63039 San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)and are handled by the data controller and by possible third companies as responsible for the processing pursuant to clause 28 GDPR 2016/679. In order to be duly clear, we state that the domain is at an external provider that has the responsibility for its functioning and its safety and that in case of breaches, is subjected to the responsibilities set forth by the specific regulations of the sector. The provider is located in an EU nation


This section states which are the data that Società Agricola Officina del Sole S.r.l. could collect during a simple surfing in the web sites, without having the access as a registered user, and their ways of processing.
The IT systems and the software procedures devoted to the working of this web site get, during the normal use, some personal data whose transference is implicit is the use of Internet communication protocols. The IP addresses or the domain names of the computers used by the users connecting to the website are in this category, like the URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the resources requested, the numeric code stating the reply given by the server (e.g. good end, error) and other parameters concerning the operating system and the computer environment of the user.
Those data could be used to make sure about liabilities in case of possible IT crimes against the site.
We would like to state that among the personal data collected by these websites, either in an autonomous way or through third parties, there are:
• Name and surname,
• Telephone number,
• Email address,
• Address,
• Town/city,
• Province,
• Country,
• Company name,
• Job,
• Web site,
• Cookies,
• Data used,
• IP address,
• Localization.
If it is not otherwise stated, all the data requested by these sites are compulsory to enable the data controller to reply to your requests; therefore, if the user refuses to give notice about them, it could be impossible to supply the service.


The Data are processed and stored for the time requested by the goals for which they have been collected. Therefore:
• The personal data for goals linked to the execution of a contract between the Owner and the User will be kept until the implementation of such a contract is completed.
• The personal data collected for goals that can be attributed to the lawful interest of the Owner will be kept until this interest is met/fulfilled. The user can get further information about the lawful interest followed by the Owner.
When the processing is based on the agreement by the user, the owner (or data processor) can keep the personal data longer until such an acknowledgement is revoked. In addition, the owner or data processor could be obliged to keep the personal data for a longer period complying with what is foreseen by the law or by an order issued by an authority.

At the end of the retention period of the personal data are erased. Therefore, at the expiry of such a term the right of access, cancellation, amendment and the right to data portability will not be exercised any longer.


Complying with the provisions issued by the Italian Data protection Authority dated on 14/06/2014 we state that in this website there are technical cookies that is to say surf analytic cookies, functionality cookies. No personal data of the users will be obtained on purpose by the site. Cookies are not used to transmit information of a personal nature, nor the so-called persistent cookies of any type are used, that is to say system to track the users. The use of session cookie (that are not stored in a persistent way in the user’s computer and disappear when closing the browser) is strictly limited to the transmission of identifications of the session (made up of random numbers generated by the server) necessary to enable the safe and effective exploration of the site. The setting of the cookies is entrusted to the Web Master appointed by the company in addition to the domain above-mentioned that are c/o the server farm of an external provider.

In this website there are analytics cookies by Google that is to say GOOGLE ANALYTICS Google Analytics is a free tool for web analysis supplied by Google, which sends the cookies to your device. The information generated by your use of the website, included your IP address, are sent to Google and stored in its servers. Google uses this information to evaluate your use of the website, prepare reports on the activity of the site for web operators and to supply other services concerning the activity of the site and the use of the Internet. Google can also transfer this information to third parties either if required by the law or in case of third parties processing this information on behalf of Google. Anyhow Google does not associate your IP address with any other data that Google has.


Apart from what is specified for the surfing data, the user is free to supply his/her personal data by filling in the suited form that is in the section “CONTACTS” of the website for the request either of information or for other notices. In order to be complete we would like to remind that in some cases, not subject to the ordinary management of this website, the Authority can request some news and information pursuant to what is foreseen by the GDPR 2016,/679 for a check on the personal data processing; in those cases the reply is compulsory, failing this there is an administrative fine.


The company complies with the right to be forgotten of the user that is to say to obtain the cancellation of the data concerning himself/herself without any unjustified delay.


Each individual has the right at any moment to get the confirmation of the existence or not of his/her data and to know the content and the origin, to check the correctness, to ask either for the integration or for the amendment (clause 7 GDPR 2016/679) it is likewise a right of each user to revoke a possible consent previously agreed either for information purposes or marketing. Pursuant the same clause one has the right to ask for the cancellation, transformation in an anonymous form or to block the data processed breaching the law, as well the right of opposing in any case, for lawful reasons, to their processing. In addition, the users have the right to ask for a limitation of the use and the right to the portability of the data to another owner.