The Relais

A place of the senses, an interlude from the frenzy and hectic everyday life that offers meaningful experiences, through a productive, cultural and receptive system, in order to experience a return to the uncontaminated and natural world.

Who we are

A garden of 50 hectares livable in every corner, a boundless territory cared with love.

This is Officina del Sole, the estate located in Montegiorgio, on the highest hill of Fermo province.

After leaving the hectic pace of everyday life you can enter here and breathe in the country air with skilful comfort. We disconnect from everything and reconnect to Nature. Sometimes you choose to simply stay in silence to fully enjoy all this beauty.

A long story that comes from the past...

Officina del sole is located on a land cultivated and inhabited since ancient times, known as Monte Milone.

This precious land, according to the legend, was a gift from Emperor Augustus to Centurion Milone, a war veteran in the battle of Actium in 31 BC.

This water-rich hill allowed the control of the underlying territory and was immediately put to fruit by cultivating vines, olive trees and fruit trees.

... and a new story to be written

This land struck the imagination of Lanfranco Beleggia for its position and its beauty, but also because it could become the place for “re-discoverying” the essential. It is him to tell us, when, seeing his youngest son, 14 years old at the time, staring amazed and intrigued at the view of calves slumped in a courtyard, he realized the differences between the generations: today the authenticity of the contact with nature has been lost.

The territory

A unique view that will leave you speechless: this is the territory that embraces Officina del Sole, where nothing is missing. The Adriatic Sea, the Sibillini Mountains, the view of the Gran Sasso and the Conero promontory, the color of the sky that bounces off the lake and rushes towards the distant sea: the eyes are lost in this immense view.

‘Even today when I need it, I go there, whether it’s a beautiful day or not, it doesn’t matter, there you can enjoy a unique spectacle and never out of time for the eyes and the heart’.

Lanfranco Beleggia

A recovery operation

Make a dream come true

Officina del Sole is the result of a long and meticulous restoration of an abandoned farm, an operation carried out in a sustainable manner and with the utmost respect for European directives. The simplicity of the Fermo countryside creates a combination here with the pleasure of a high-quality welcome.

The estate is made of natural limestone, terracotta bricks, recycled materials and contains twenty-six rooms of different categories furnished with elegance and style.