The Wine Cellar

On our hill, which is full of incredible colors as the seasons change,
there are the Wine Cellar and the Oil Mill, the abodes of grapes and olives.

A soil rich in evolved clays, a climate that is affected both by the breezes of the nearby sea that caress the trees keeping the air fresh and free of humidity, and by the mountain wind that in summer mitigates the air by dampening the heat.

The result is a marked thermal excursion in a hilly area that is exposed to 360 degrees and therefore considerably ventilated.

To all this is added a millenary tradition of cultivation of vines, olive trees and fruit trees.

The arrangement and displacement of the different crops have been designed according to exposure to the sun, climate and soil, in order to enhance their qualitative characteristics and maintain their integrity in the best possible way. Nothing is left to chance.

Care, love and know-how are the fundamental principles for ensuring environmental sustainability and healthy and ethical products.

The Wines

Every day in the cellar we want the time to work more than the man, we get help from nature to give our best in the production of unique wines.

Here we transform grapes into must and then into wine, with the help of advanced technologies that help us in this apparently simple but very complex process, mixing together technique, innovation and tradition.

There are 14 hectares of vineyards we take great care of. Our gratification is so great when we see them grow proud and luxuriant.

Starting from the valorisation of native vines such as Pecorino, Passerina, Verdicchio, Lacrima and Montepulciano, and looking at international excellences such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah and Pinot Noir.

The skilful and delicate hand of oenologist Davide Di Chiara creates innovative products that combine the best that the region can offer with the virtues of the great vines of world wine history.

Davide di Chiara

The Oil

Ten hectares of olive trees give life to pitted extra virgin olive oil.

We pay only the essential attentions: the harvest time and the immediate pressing of the olives, the foundations of the sensory and healthy quality of our oil. We wait for the olive to be ripe to have a fruity extra virgin olive oil with very low acidity.

It is harvested in the morning until the early afternoon, immediately after it is taken to the mill where a continuous plant works in the absence of oxygen at low temperatures to preserve all the sensory descriptors.

The absence of the stone guarantees the possibility of maintaining the natural organoleptic characteristics for longer. This is why it is a high quality oil with a light and delicate taste, rich in polyphenols, with greater resistance to oxidation and better shelf life over time.

The climate of Officina del Sole is characterized by the breeze of the Adriatic Sea and the mountain wind from Sibillini.