About Us

Wine Resort
Heart of le Marche

An endless territory cared for with love, this is Officina del Sole,

the estate located in Montegiorgio, in the heart of the Fermano area, on the highest hill of all.


Here one enters after leaving behind the frenetic rhythms of everyday life and breathes deeply the country air with wise comfort. One disconnects from everything and reconnects with Nature.

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Nuova area benessere

2000m² di spa,
2 piscine, interna ed esterna,
Saune comunitarie e private,
Salette per trattamenti privati,
Acqua park per i più piccoli.

Ristorante "La dimora del gusto"

Menù e percorsi degustazione,
Ingredienti a km0,
Fino a 150 coperti con veranda e spazi all'aperto.

Sala Degustazione

Spazio per workshop, eventi e meeting,
80 mq², fino a 50 coperti all'interno


Produzione selezionata e di qualità di circa 50mila bottiglie.
Frantoio con olio EVO di produzione propria.
Visite e degustazioni in cantina.

La Casa Padronale

10 camere,


Punto più panoramico dell'area,
Spazio per eventi all'aperto senza limiti all'immaginazione,
Casette multifunzionali di street food con bar.

Il Borghetto

14 camere,
oasi di relax e benessere,
piscina esterna.

Campi da Padel

A story that goes back a long way

Officina del Sole rises on a land cultivated and inhabited since ancient times, known as Monte Milone. A land full of history, it bears witness to a fascinating millennia-old tradition of cultivation.

According to local history, the territory was granted to Centurion Milone by Emperor Augustus after the Battle of Actium in 31 BC. From the outset, this hill, rich in water and fertile, was valued with plantings of vines, olive trees, and orchards.


Lanfranco Beleggia was fascinated by this land for its unique position and its extraordinary beauty, seeing it as the opportunity to rediscover the authenticity of contact with nature. This awareness was inspired by seeing his son, completely absorbed and amazed at watching calves in a rural courtyard: a moment that highlighted the need for the new generations to reconnect with agricultural origins and the natural world.

Nature & Hospitality

Throughout its evolving history, Officina del Sole has transcended the boundaries of winemaking to embrace a concept of hospitality that reflects the luxury of simplicity and the essence of nature.

From the roots of a past rich in culture, the estate now hosts a variety of spaces and places of production, including a cellar and oil mill, as well as vegetable gardens and orchards that stretch over 50 hectares of biodiversity, to explore and savor.